Exploring Hydrogen Episode 6

This week's energising journey is led by two leaders within the renewable gas business at Jemena. Gabrielle Sycamore, General Manager Renewable Gas, is leading the implementation of the gas network’s long term decarbonisation strategy, and Alistair Wardrope the Technical Lead for Renewable Gas, who has been working on the technical development of Australia’s first hydrogen and biomethane projects co-funded by ARENA.

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Exploring Hydrogen Episode 5

In this episode of Exploring Hydrogen, we are transported across the ditch to New Zealand to learn how Andrew Clennett Co-founder and CEO of Hiringa Energy is developing one of the world’s first nationwide green hydrogen refueling networks, and how this transferable model can transform Australia and Southeast Asia’s transition to hydrogen.

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Exploring Hydrogen Episode 3

In this episode of Exploring Hydrogen, we are joined by Chris Dolman, Business Development Manager of Clean Hydrogen at BOC South Pacific. We learn about The Hydrogen Rainbow, different sectors for Hydrogen projects, BOC’s current (and previous) hydrogen activity/projects, see how space and infrastructure are changing the hydrogen game and dive into the 5-year outlook on the Hydrogen industry in Australia.

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Exploring Hydrogen Episode 2

In this episode of Exploring Hydrogen, we are joined by Phil Richardson, General Manager of New Energy Projects at Stanwell Corporation to discuss what it takes to build a Queensland renewable Hydrogen Powerhouse. We learn more about Stanwell Corporation’s Hydrogen sector and other renewable energy sources, current and upcoming projects, the renewable energy supply chain and some of their joint venture partnerships. Phil also sheds a light on which industries he sees future jobs coming from, collaborations and partnerships needed within the community, what needs to change to support Australia’s Hydrogen decarbonisation ambitions, current costings for green hydrogen vs long term targets and what success looks like in 5-years for himself and Stanwell Corporation.

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Exploring Hydrogen Episode 1

In the first episode of Exploring Hydrogen, we are joined by globally recognised Professor Peta Ashworth OAM, Director of the Andrew N. Liveris Academy for Innovation and Leadership, Chair in Sustainable Energy Futures at The University of Queensland (UQ), and Chair of the Queensland Hydrogen Taskforce. During this podcast we learn about all things Hydrogen as an introduction, Peta’s clean energy journey and her current roles, the Queensland Hydrogen Taskforce’s work, the importance of social licence and building trust within communities, Queensland’s competitive advantage and where Peta sees her success in the coming years.

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