The H2Q Ecosystem


The H2Q ecosystem is powered by EconomX, an easily accessible one-stop platform where businesses and project managers come together to grow and manage smarter supply chains.

  • 1 EconomX lets you seamlessly manage your procurement activities from one location, giving you the tools to find the right suppliers at the right time and make data-driven business decisions.
  • 2 Having the right platform at your fingertips means having the ability to manage and collaborate your supply chain while minimising risk, as you gain ongoing insights into continuous improvements
  • 3 As organisations large and small across various industries seek to collaborate with experts and improve their supply chain, you can choose the projects that best align with your team's skills.
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Industry Working Groups

H2Q’s Working Groups are the foundations on which the organisation achieves impact. Working Groups lead identification of priority industry development actions that participants collectively identify as the most important to address. 

H2Q Working Groups are open to anyone wishing to contribute and learn more about the challenges facing our industry. You do not have to be a member to join a working group.


Foundational Platinum Partners

H2Q Partners