Refunds & Cancellation Policy

H2Q offers financial membership on an annual basis, with the anniversary falling on 1 July each year.

If you have purchased an annual membership, H2Q will provide a full refund upon notice of cancellation if this is received within 5days from when the order is placed.

If the membership year has commenced and you wish to receive a refund and cancel your membership, you are eligible for a refund equivalent to no more than 6months of the value at the membership tier you purchased, calculated pro-rata based on the remaining months of your membership.

Your refund will be issued as a cash refund by direct deposit back to the account you used to complete the purchase. Please allow 3- 5 business days for this transaction to be processed.
If you used a credit card, a small fee may apply to perform the refund, this is charged to H2Q by the merchant and passed through to you.

Your membership cancellation is effective immediately, and all benefits including membership discounts to events cease to apply from the date of cancellation notice.

Any enquiries relating to the cancellation or refund of your membership purchase should be directed to Heidi Breen, H2Q CEO via email at

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