Policy and Advocacy Working Group

Working towards industry development


The Policy and Advocacy H2Q Working Group is open to anyone wishing to shape hydrogen industry development.

Our working group contributors are invited to exclusive industry events and workshops.

Benefits of you joining thePolicy and Advocacy H2Q Working Group:

  • Professional development
  • Industry and professional recognition
  • Creating and using H2Q generated IP

The opportunity to lead our groups as a Working Group chair or co-chair is reserved for H2Q members.

H2Q’s Working Groups positively impact industry development.



H2Q Policy Working Group provides an opportunity for H2Q members to voice industry issues and help to shape policy debate on industry development matters.

The group aims to become a key port of call for H2Q board on policy matters related to the hydrogen industry development in Queensland.  

The outputs may be in the form of advice to H2Q board, shaping and facilitating discussions and engagement opportunities, reviewing, and responding to current policy developments. 

2023 Goals

  • Connect with key proponents in new and ongoing hydrogen development and delivery projects 
  • Work with consultants, manufacturers, technology suppliers and owner teams to source supply chain data including:
  1. Location of key suppliers into the supply chain 
  2. Logistic challenges 
  3. Project sizes 
  • Define the widget input where H2Q can add the most value to resolving hydrogen supply chain challenges  

How do I join a H2Q Working Group?

Use the form below to apply to join our Policy and Advocacy Working Group.

Code of conduct

Our diverse community is drawn from the many sectors in the hydrogen industry, with participants working collaboratively to bring new ideas and perspectives to complex problems.

This can lead to conflicting viewpoints and disagreement, which if left unchecked can escalate into harassment and aggression when amplified by misunderstanding, miscommunication, and taking disagreement personally.

Click the button below to download a copy of H2Q's Code of Conduct, to encourage diversity of thinking and ensure a safe operating environment for all participants.


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