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Why be a H2Q partner?

Engaging in hydrogen is an essential element for all companies seeking to access the benefits of the renewables sector throughout Australia.

Hydrogen is set to become a huge part of the Australian industrial landscape, from fertiliser, feedstock for industrial processes and industrial heating, to transport, shipping, mining and many other Australian industries.

H2Q invites you to work with us to co-create a partnership that will allow your personnel direct access to members and stakeholders through our proven engagement structure.

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Partner benefits

Some of our exclusive partner benefits include:

  • 1 Strategic market intelligence research
  • 2 Live networking events and webinars with industry leaders
  • 3 Marketing and e-newsletters

Download a copy of our partner proposal to learn more.


Inglis Consultants Pty Ltd has partnered with H2Q since its inception and keen to play a key role to connect, promote and support the burgeoning hydrogen industry in Queensland and Australia. These are formative early days, with some flux and uncertainty, yet it is exciting and fulfilling to be at the ground floor of this critical energy transition moment in time.

I'm committed and look forward to working with H2Q, sharing my knowledge, experience and ideas to make a real difference for the future of the hydrogen industry. I encourage other organisations, individuals and those wishing to see change in the energy sector to get involved, contribute and start the H2 journey.

logo_inglis consultants

Brian Inglis

GPA is a founding member of H2Q, joining the cluster to take advantage of knowledge sharing opportunities and building networks with value-aligned individuals. GPA has contributed to working groups and attended networking events, which have been highly valuable in extending our knowledge and connections within

On a individual level, H2Q provides a platform for those with an interest in hydrogen to meet and learn with their peers which is important in an emerging industry. We look forward to continue working within Australia's growing hydrogen industry at H2Q through 2022 and beyond.

logo_gpa engineering

Daniel Krosch, GPA Engineering

We have partnered with H2Q since its inception and seen its rapid growth. We look forward to working with H2Q in the future to achieve our common goals and would encourage any other organisation seeking to reach the hydrogen community to get involved.

logo_lion energy

Tom Soulsby, Executive Chairman, Lion Energy