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Exploring Hydrogen Episode 5

Green Hydrogen for Transportation Getting Real – Hiringa

In this episode of Exploring Hydrogen, we are transported across the ditch to New Zealand to learn how Andrew Clennett Co-founder and CEO of Hiringa Energy is developing one of the world’s first nationwide green hydrogen refueling networks, and how this transferable model can transform Australia and Southeast Asia’s transition to hydrogen.

With Andrew’s 25 years of international experience in the energy sector, senior management roles and executive roles in multinational energy companies, Andrew provides valuable insights into Hiringa’s innovative developments and 5-year plan in the hydrogen refueling sector, and New Zealand and Australia’s hydrogen landscape.

Hiringa Energy is a clean hydrogen company focused on developing the hydrogen value chain to assist decarbonisation at scale, this is being pursued via the heavy transport area in Australia and New Zealand. The Hiringa team borrows heavily from energy, oil and gas backgrounds and clean tech skills and techno-economics in order to excel the uptake of hydrogen in refueling heavy vehicles. To demonstrate the efficiency of emissions reduction in the heavy transport sector – the volume of CO2 reduced by one hydrogen powered truck is equivalent to 150 cars’ emissions. Hiringa acknowledges the need for meaningful partnerships in the transition to new energy and developing investable propositions – the energy to change, together.

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