You are currently viewing Exploring Hydrogen Episode 4

Exploring Hydrogen Episode 4

In this episode of Exploring Hydrogen, we are joined by Chief Operating Officer at LAVO, Jacques Markgraaff to learn how LAVO is commercialising the storage of hydrogen and democratising and decentralising energy for local businesses and homes.

With Jacques’ 20 years experience in strategy, corporate development, business transformation his role at LAVO straddles the whole value chain: corporate development, investment, R&D; Jacques provides insight into LAVO’s hydrogen storage developments and outlook for the next 2 years, hydrogen industry updates, and the advantages of hydrogen in comparison to lithium batteries.

LAVO is a venture between Provenance Asset Group, an ESG dedicated firm, and UNSW’s hydrogen center, LAVO is the world’s first technology and lifestyle brand powered by green hydrogen. Named in honour of Antoine Lavoisier, the French chemist who identified Hydrogen and nicknamed the father of modern-day chemistry, LAVO’s aims to power the world with limitless energy.

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