H2Q Hydrogen Queensland is an industry-led not for profit organisation committed to securing the economic, environmental and social opportunities hydrogen offers Queensland and Australia.


We connect, promote and support the growing number of hydrogen adoption and industry development activities across Government, Industry & Academia, and are actively supporting development of an integrated hydrogen ‘ecosystem’ across Queensland and Australia.

H2Q was formed by a group of professionals passionate about the opportunity to reduce industries carbon footprint through new hydrogen industry development. By the end of the first year H2Q successfully secured seed funding from NERA and launched the organisation. As a fully incorporated  not-for-profit organisation, H2 Queensland PTY LTD  currently has six directors who commit a tremendous amount of voluntary time and effort to steer the growth of the organisation and a CEO.

H2Q provides a collaborative and safe environment to share ideas and grow industry participants capacity to solve emerging industry issues. Our working groups are the engine room of the organisation and open to anyone interested, with something to contribute.

As a sustainable voice for the Hydrogen industry in Queensland, H2Q seek to grow our membership base, and engage with other organisations to co-create partnerships to shape the future of Hydrogen in Queensland.

H2Q gratefully acknowledges the seed funding and support received from National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) and is proud to be part of NERA’s National Hydrogen Cluster Network, H2TCA,

Our Vision

H2Q is championing the acceleration of hydrogen adoption and the development of clean energy solutions to deliver new jobs, regional prosperity and the decarbonisation of our industries and communities.

Our Mission

0 Emissions future

Support industry’s transition to a zero emissions future, Queensland’s 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and a carbon positive 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games.

Build the hydrogen industry 'ecosystem'

Build the hydrogen industry ‘ecosystem’ and maximise the number of Queensland companies participating in the hydrogen market.

maximise the creation new hydrogen-related jobs

Develop Queensland’s hydrogen industry capability and maximise the creation new hydrogen-related jobs.

• Nurture development of the hydrogen market and drive investment in the sector

Nurture development of the hydrogen market and drive investment in the sector.

Hydrogen Job Creation Opportunities

3 key significant, interralated job creation opportunies have been identified.

QLD Exports Green H2
Adopt Green
QLD Industry & Communities Adopt Green H2
Hydrogen Fuel Cell
QLD Exports H2 Solutions & Capability

Creating New Green Jobs

Creating New Green Jobs


Foundation Platinum Corporate Partners

Foundation Corporate Partners