Future Fuels Strategy falls short – Why buy an EV?

H2Q Director and Chair Renata Berglas has released an article on the Australian future fuels strategy, and how it will affect electric vehicle sales. Read more below:

The Australian Government is betting on consumer demand driving the transition to lower emissions vehicles.

The Future Fuel Strategy currently out for consultation lays out the Government’s plans for electric vehicles (EV) and alternative fuel vehicles infrastructure and policy. The strategy is backed by a $74.5 million Future Fuels Fund primarily aimed at providing for refuelling/charging infrastructure, and the provision of information to consumers on their options through a Green Vehicle Guide. The strategy follows similar theme to the Technology Investment Roadmap and other policies creating a consistent message that the Government believes the supply of technology will meet consumer expectations and consumers will address emissions reduction of their own volition.

While there has been a significant swell of interest in alternative fuels, electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles will this translate into vehicle sales?

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